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Manchester Arena Attack – The 522 Conundrum


Counter Terrorism: How do you get every shade in the right place?

Attribution: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jamesgibbard/4300994347

The recent bombing in Manchester Arena during a concert by Ariana Grande on 22nd May 2017 may ultimately well end up being a statistic for global terrorism activities. But those agencies responsible for waging a war against terror would do well to wake up and smell the coffee and consider this event as a cornerstone for anti terrorism measures. But what is so special about this particular event? Here is what it is:

1. The attack is on the soil of a country which practically wrote the book on intelligence. The MI6 in conjunction with the resources available to them through Five Eyes ,where intelligence is shared between United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, Australia and Canada is supposed to be able to detect and predict such events. They have access to the most advanced technology and whatever it is that is required to prevent such attacks. Clearly, if they couldn’t prevent it, it’s very unlikely any other country could.

2. The Manchester Arena attack took place at a time when the US, the UK, Russia, Iran, France and a host of other countries are intervening actively against ISIS. Given the past history of ISIS being able to motivate local European people into inflicting small to medium level casualties within their countries, such an attack was to be expected and prevented.

3. It is also well known that every year during Ramadan (usually in May), ISIS regularly calls for attack on “infidels”

4. Given the above fact, and the fact that UK elections were due, it is worrying to note that the threat level had not been raised to “Critical”, before the attack. Further, it is even more concerning that the Manchester Arena Attack took place, given that before the attack the threat level declared was “Severe – An attack is highly likely”.  

As of 27th May 2017, the threat level has been again reduced to “Severe” from “Critical” and the haste for doing so is rather puzzling.

5. It brings forth the embarrassing and depressing question – what more can you do?

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