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│2018: A WARNING│


Tell the Nation What It Ought To Know

India has been witness to some of the most game- changing transformations, as well as some horrific aberrations in the past few years. Their dissemination has been fueled mainly through technology.

The outlook, vision and expectation of it’s 1.3 billion citizens has also changed. From being happy to get road access to their town, Indians now want super highways, dotted with amenities and wificonnectivity.

It’s internet thirsty population wants to guzzle data which would put the mighty Kumbhakarna to shame.

This insatiable desire for connectivity has led to awareness, about both the good and the bad things happening in India and it’s a telling sign how Indians have reacted to this awareness.

1)    India is fed up with tolerance. No longer is India ready for appeasement of minorities, appeasement of the enemy, appeasement ofNetas and Babus. This is a new and impatient society, which wonders W.T.F. was going on for the past 75 years after independence. International exposure has created a feeling of resentment in the minds of the youth, as to why their country refuses to wake up and smell the coffee.

2)    Indians are now fed up of pretending to be humble for the sake of decency.

3)    They are ready for challenges and to test the waters of uncertainty and technology.

4)    They are not afraid to ask questions from their Governments and not lazy to stay at home and watch TV on election-day.

5)    They are fed up with “respecting” the politicians by virtue of their title and dynastic inheritance and want to know what efforts are they putting in, 24/7 at the click of a button.

The Government at the Centre rode this wave of India’s new expectations. In fact any Government in power in India, even those in the States, are aware of these realities and expectations. They are now compelled to appear to either deliver, or chose to ignore these realities at their own peril, at the expense of being voted out.

Amongst all this, the role of the media has become all powerful and almost all pervasive.

In this era of Alt News, Fake News, Post Truth, and Big Data, powered by the social media, it’s all the more important for the media to not get lured by the temptations of click-bait, TRPs and viral viewership. It’s extremely important to ensure that accurate reporting and Principles of Journalism are not compromised. They must ensure that any news is given its due importance but not sensationalized at the altar of reporting all the facts.

This is particularly important on account of the fact that India will be holding its National General elections sometime next year which creates the real danger of the media becoming mere tools to vested interests. Hence it is all the more important for the media to maintain its vigil both on others and on itself. The institution of the media now faces the toughest challenge – of not only maintaining the focus on facts and objectivity, but also appearing to do so.

With this background it should be worthwhile to note with dismay that the media has already made an impetuous leap into the nadirs of opprobrium within the first 2 weeks of the New Year, aptly justifying the trolls from whom they have earned the titles of “prestitutes” and “baazaaru” :

  •  The first incident was related to the publishing of story in The Quint on 5th January 2018, which claimed that Kulbhushan Jadhav was a RAW agent, who was caught red handed on account of his being incompetent. It detailed out accounts of senior officials of RAW regarding Jadhav. While the story was subsequently retracted, it was readily picked up by thePakistani MediaRaghav Bahl’s The Quint published this story under the title, ‘Two Former Raw Chiefs Did Not Want Kulbhushan Jadhav Recruited As A Spy.’ After retraction, the story currently states,’ The Quint is Rechecking the Kulbhushan Jadhav Story.’

The story socially engaged more than 50000 users on the internet. Besides the shameful aspect of irresponsible reporting, the brazenness of the media continues through the following:

  • Quint refuses to apologise and accept that it made a mistake. It still continues to maintain that it is “rechecking some of the information mentioned in the article.”

Chandan Nandy@NandyGram

Calling a spade a spade!
Two Ex-RAW Chiefs Did Not Want Kulbhushan Jadhav Recruited As Spy …

8:22 PM – Jan 5, 2018

The Quint is Rechecking the Kulbhushan Jadhav Story

The Quint is rechecking some of the information mentioned in the article.

  • The author of the story Mr. Chandan Nandy,(@NandyGram) continues to maintain that he did the right thing by using vague terms such as “unnamed sources” to  support his claim instead of hard evidence.

Sandip, the world, especially of journalists, survives on trusted sources.

— Chandan Nandy (@NandyGram) January 5, 2018


  • Instead he chose to go into hiding after causing so much damage and spreading falsehoods.

Dr Mohammad Faisal@DrMFaisal

Update as reported: Journalist Chandan Nandy who filed the story is “missing/gone in hiding”, was last spotted at Khan Market Delhi and since then has been untraceable for Family and friends. Freedom of press ?

11:58 AM – Jan 6, 2018

  • The impudence continued as apart from a few websites, the  mainstream media chose to either glance over or ignore the issue altogether
  1. The effrontery conduct of the Indian media was again there for the world to witness when a group of senior journalists (including  Senior Journalist Dipankar Nandi of Aajkal News,Deobash Bhattacharya of Anand Bajar Patrika –ABP NEWS) accompanying West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in an official tour to London, attempted to steel silverware at an official dinner in a luxury hotel in London.
  • They did so by stuffing the cutlery into their bags or pockets.



The Matrix Architecture

The Matrix Architecture

In the previous blog, I mentioned that a lot of the agencies which exercise control over the Common Man are perceived to be the Matrix. But I believe this is not so. There are mere conduits for the Matrix to exercise and enforce control protocols.
Here is an illustrative example of how the Matrix operates. It’s only a small part of the total picture.



Now there are a couple of points to be noted in the above animation and you are free to keep pressing the play button to observe those points.It should be also understood that “Common Citizen” does not necessarily mean an entity which is not one of the agencies. Common Citizen includes both the agencies and those not part of it. Those who are under complete control of the Matrix as well as those who are under partial or no control of the Matrix.

You would also have noticed that no Religious authority or institution has been mentioned here. The reason for this is that some information and knowledge mentioned in Religious books actually contain scripts to free oneself from the Matrix. On realizing their potent strengths, the Matrix managed to acquire control over some of the propagators or influential speakers and twist and corrupt the original scripts through misinterpretations. This led to the exact effect the Matrix sought – people started looking at the teachings with some cynicism, leading to loss of faith and confidence in themselves.

1. Inter connectivity : 

The first is the obvious high level of interconnection between all agencies. This interconnection is absolutely essential for the Matrix to implement its protocols. The model above should be visualized in at least 3 dimensions at a minimum to fully appreciate it. It should also be noted that the above graphic is only a tiny illustrative example and that the interconnections are even more intricate.
Let us say , the inter connectivity shown between Corporates and Common Man.
This doesn’t have to be as illustrated : Corporate –> Media –>Common Man or Corporate –>Banks –>Common Man, but the linkages exist directly as well , so , Corporate –>Common Man linkage does exist but is not shown here in this partial graphic. In any case, the Corporates manage to exercise better implementation of embedding protocols through agencies such as the Media(advertisement) and the Banks(salaries/ loans).
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Surviving THE MATRIX

Surviving THE MATRIX

So in my previous blog I talked about how you may have been affected by the Matrix.Is there a way not to be affected? Is it possible to remain within the Matrix and not be affected by it, or does one have to leave it altogether? Do you have to die to unplug yourself? How many NEOs are out there in real life?

I have wondered how does one successfully navigate through it, without being detected or becoming a victim of it?

To understand this, one has to first understand the Matrix. In the first part of this blog, I will try to do that.

First of all you have to be really really sure that you want out. I mean , some people really don’t find it so bad to be part of the Matrix.There are so many people who have been so completely conditioned to be part of the Matrix that they may feel incredibly uncomfortable leaving it. So basically you have four choices in this regard:
1. Be a part of the Matrix and continue things as they are.
2. Try to break away from the Matrix but suffer every day of your life.
3. Successfully liberate yourself from the Matrix, but wonder what now?
4. Be a part of the Matrix and successfully negotiate through it like NEO, using its rules to your own advantage.
But  the obvious question that comes to mind is , what is the Matrix? The movie offers some clues but it’s not entirely accurate….Click here for the rest of the article


Keeanu Reeves actor waking up from Matrix with wires attached (modified)
Are you caught in the Matrix?Are you wiling to be unplugged?

So, most of the earth’s population with access to T.V. and internet has probably watched the movie Matrix. In case you haven’t here is what it’s about .

Even though it’s a work of fiction, some people started wondering whether humanity is really plugged into an artificial reality program in which you are only made to believe that you are in control of things, but in reality it’s someone else, (it was a machine in the movie) which is projecting a reality in your brain and using you and your energy for it’s benefit.

Well, here  is my take on certain aspects of this concept. Take a look and see if some of you feel you are in a similar situation. Here is the list :

1. You feel restless without your mobile phone and/ or internet.

2. You feel depressed when no one reacts to your post on social media, but elated when you get a like or retweet or a friend request from a person you know nothing about.

3. You are stuck in a job/course you don’t like but you feel you have to do it.

4. You disagree with someone’s opinion but you don’t express it for fear of sounding uncool and intolerant. 

5. You really didn’t like that movie but chose to say you loved it, since your friends did.

6. You believe all the information provided by the Media is the truth and also believe that there is no such thing as propoganda or paid news.That the mainstream media is unbiased and independent and that they report stories as soon as they get to know about them.

7. You refuse to believe that your favorite sports person or movie actor is appearing in an advertisement is simply doing his/ her job to make money and blindly buy the product they endorse.

8. You believe that six pack abs and huge muscular body can be achieved in 60 days, without professional help of diet, medication and professional coaches.

9.You believe that the more your six pack abs appear, the healthier you are.

10. You love the fact that a cell phone tower has been installed near your house so now you will get better reception.

11. You believe that spending time on your laptop is good for you and cool, instead of spending it talking to someone or going out to see new places.

12.You are more focused on whether a movie actor is really dating someone or whether your team will win a match, rather than your own health and well being of the environment.

13. You think eating junk food and eating supplements is better than eating whole nutritious food.

14. You believe that traffic congestion, pollution and sensory overload are normal part of life.

15. You get impatient and depressed when things don’t happen at the click of a button.

16. You are totally engrossed with…READ THE REST OF THE LIST HERE